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This App is Awesome
"Unlike a lot of apps on the marketplace that ONLY integrate with standard SF objects such as contacts, leads, opportunities, ZenKraft allows us to integrate with ANY object with an address field. " Emmie Chang, Wonder-Space
Why we bought Salesforce CRM
We do a lot of ground and express shipping. It takes our operations person ALOT of time to gather up the shipment details, etc. Both our sales and design team need to know what's up. This was an easy install and setup. Paul Murphy, Murphy & Comapany
Great Time Saving App!
This app that integrates FedEx shipping within SFDC CRM is fantastic. It saves my team lots of time by not needing to go between two sites and copying/pasting information to SFDC. Installation was a breeze and the support was second to none! Howard Schnuer, Restaurant.com Inc
Excellent application and support
We can now instantly look up shipments by customer and so can our partners via the partner portal. The fumbling around while trying to answer the "where is my package" phone calls? Gone. The paper auditing process for keeping track of shipments? Gone. Maintaining another set of usernames/passwords for the FedEx website? Gone. Daniel Jimenez, iOffice Corp
Love this app!
Easy to install and wonderful tech support to help me with the few questions that I had. My staff and I are very happy with this addition to our system. Jeff Sawyer, Just Almonds International
Total lifesaver
I found this app and was able to include it in a client bid which saved me tons of time, and the client a whole lot of money - plus, now they can ship directly from the Salesforce app, saving them several minutes per order! It was a complete paradigm shift for them, literally transforming how they took orders! Ben Daniel, Red Cube Tech

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